Soubor písní a tanců Dolina ze Starého Města @ International folklore festival Karlovac

The Czech folk ensemble Dolina was founded in 1956 in Staré Město, a small town which lies in the area of Dolňácko in the district of Uherské Hradiště near the Slovak border.

The ensemble keeps the folk traditions of its hometown all-year-round. The beginning of the year starts with The Ride of the Kings and the “Fašank“ carnival. In spring, it is The Burning of the Witches and the Easter tradition of whipping girls with willow twigs. In autumn, the traditional harvest festival “Michalské hody s právem“ is held with more than 200 participants in traditional folk costumes. In December, St Nicolas and his companions the Angel and the Devil, visit people’s homes. Similarly, on St. Stephen’s Day, the members of Dolina go around people’s homes singing Christmas carols. Most of these traditions have been adapted for theatre by Dolina.

Taken with Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera + 40-150mm pro lens


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